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Wendy N.,USA

QuiAri Promoter, Wendy Navarro from Florida, USA was a top 1% Sales Executive at a large payroll company. She was making good money and enjoyed helping her many clients, however, she did work long hours and really wanted to start a family. After conquering many difficult health challenges, she was blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

Wendy wanted to spend time with her son and be a Mom, but she didn’t want to give up her job or the income. Ultimately, Wendy joined a health and wellness MLM company and became one of the highest earners in the industry. Today, her son is a happy, healthy 13-year-old. He’s her “why” and is still a big influence on all her life decisions. In fact, it led her to QuiAri.

“I needed to start thinking about my son’s long-term future and setting him up to be financially free. The QuiAri opportunity will make that happen for me. QuiAri Founder and CEO, Bob Reina, is revolutionizing our industry. He’s a leader that grows his company through compassion. We’re without a doubt going to be the next multi-billion-dollar brand.” – Wendy Navarro.

Wendy wholeheartedly believes in QuiAri. In fact, she doesn’t just promote QuiAri products, she’s also a product-of-the-product. Due to her health conditions, Wendy isn’t allowed to take many health and wellness products, but she is able to take QuiAri. She said she immediately felt the difference.

“When I tried it...I was speechless. I really hate all protein shakes, but this doesn’t taste like anything you’ve ever tried. The vanilla is kind of like cake batter, and the chocolate was really good too. I felt the difference immediately and it helped my skin look smoother, younger, and healthier. I’m even sleeping better. It’s amazing. After just a few weeks, I was down a full dress size,” – Wendy Navarro.

Wendy’s passion for QuiAri products is helping her grow her business to all new heights.

“Things move very fast here at QuiAri. My business is generating a lot of momentum and I’ve started to climb the ranks. My biggest regret so far is that I didn’t discover QuiAri sooner. I had no idea it would have such a dramatic impact on my life. I have big dreams for me and my son – a house on the beach, a new car, vacations, and more. We’re going to see them all come true, thanks to QuiAri’s breakthrough products and incredible opportunity.” – Wendy Navarro.

Please note the QuiAri business opportunity offers unlimited income potential. However, QuiAri makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with QuiAri results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your income will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.

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